FreedomPop Offers Free Cellphone and Internet Service

FreedomPop is what most web users dream of — a free internet service. For five years FreedomPop has gone against the grain in order to serve up an offer that is so incredible, it’s hard to believe. Though there are limitations on what users can do for free, Freedompop offers low fees for whatever usage goes above and beyond the lowest-tier plan.

In today’s world, one can never be too frugal and FreedomPop helps customers to do just that. The company is probably best known for their cell phone service that they give to customers, with some restrictions, for one year completely without cost. In addition to 200 talk minutes and the ability to text without restraint, consumers are not constrained by the usual cellphone service contract or the fees for cancelling. FreedomPop utilizes Sprint’s network.

It is important to know that FreedomPop is ideal for people who use cellphone data sparingly; it is for those with the self-discipline to stay within certain limits. The company provides subscribers with 500 MB of 4G data without cost. When the 500 MB data limit is within 100 MB of being reached, FreedomPop sends an email notification warning that the limit is about to be exceeded and that $10 will be charged to go to the next usage tier. The choice to opt out is given before assessing the $10 fee.

Although texting is unlimited, the transmission of data when sending and receiving texts will quickly eat into the 500 MB allotment as does streaming videos online. Checking email and facebook intermittently is well within the services offered. Interestingly, the company offers ways to earn more data such as inviting friends to join through its Freedom Friends program, downloading certain programs, answering surveys, and completing offers from companies like Netflix and

If this is not enough, more data can be purchased. For a scant $20 a month, FreedomPop pulls out all the stops on its ‘Unlimited Everything’ plan. Data, talking, and text, is completely without limits, although data speeds will drop to 3G after 1 G of data has been used. FreedomPop uses Wi-Fi hot spots for connectivity and does not rely on the use of cell towers.

Additionally, the firm offers internet service without cost that falls within 500 MB a month. For $19.99 per month, customers can use up to 2 G, and for a fee can purchase their own hotspot device. Complete information on rates and services can be found by reading this FreedomPop review.