Philanthropic life of Tony Petrello

Tony Petrello may be known for his role in the business, but there is a more prominent role that he is playing that will make him even more recognizable. The position of the CEO has earned him a good reputation in the oil and gas drilling sectors where he has been working with a company known as Nabors Industries. Nabors Industries is the largest oil and gas drilling company from the United States. The company has been making headlines in recent years for its great accomplishments which have been facilitated by Tony Petrello. In the past two decades, he has facilitated development in the company by focusing on areas that the company needs to improve on so that it can become a top company in the world.

Philanthropic donations that he has been making to charitable causes is the other thing which has drawn attention to the CEO. He has been giving generously to various causes which he finds needy to support. The biggest cause that he is promoting is the development of a neurological research center at Texas Children’s Hospital. This facility is being used to research for the cause and treatment of neurological disorders in children. There is no other facility in the world which offers these services, and Tony Petrello is committed to seeing there be a facility that will offer world-class treatment.

Tony and the Nabors Industries fraternity have been giving back to the community through various initiatives. One of the recent gestures they showed is supporting the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Houston. Petrello sent his workers on a paid-leave to go and assist in the rescue mission.

Tony Petrello has shown that he is ready to support the community during times of need. He is ready to walk with them and show them the way on how they can build a community that will be supportive of each other. The lessons which Tony Petrello is teaching are the ones he was taught while he was growing up in Newark, New Jersey. He saw how the community in this area used to rally together and support any one of them who needed support. He hopes to send the same signal to Texas.

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