QNET and Sharp Technologies Partner to Promote a New Range of Air Purifiers

Sharp, a Japanese technology leader, has agreed to a strategic partnership with our company, QNET India. As agreed in the partnership deal signed, we will promote and distribute the Plasma Cluster Air Purifier that is co-branded between us and Sharp Technologies. Our main distribution network will be through our proprietary e-commerce platform.

Kishalay Ray, the president of Sharp’s consumer business in India (Sharp Business Systems India Private Limited), said that his company decided to choose QNET as its business partner because we have shown great success in our wellness and health product segment. This was the main reason why Sharp Technologies chose us as their distribution partner for their Air Purifier products.

Kishalay Ray added that by choosing QNET, his firm was able to reach a sophisticated and established consumer network that trusts QNET and is used to purchasing our products. Therefore, it was a good idea to partner with a company well-known for our quality beauty, health and wellness products.

Our spokesperson for India said that the Sharp-QNET India partnership was a lucrative, win-win partnership for the two companies. The Sharp-QNET Air Purifier sales will benefit from our well-established market niche that because it will fit well in our other healthy living products.


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