The Unknown Hair Salon Danger


Women are all over their appearances. They know the best spots to go for a hair cut, for shoes, for clothes, and even for purses. For example, to avoid going out on a busy day, they will go to JustFab – an online shop for purses, shoes, and all things denim. Their selection of shoes is almost unparalleled, with many styles, colors, and sizes available. The prices are wonderful for their entire inventory. Follow them on Twitter.

One thing JustFab cannot do is give people haircuts. For that, they have to go to a hair salon. A mother of two had a stroke in January 2014 after getting her hair washed and cut at a salon. She didn’t think anything of it to begin with. Her left arm felt a little numb, and she couldn’t stand up. After a couple of weeks, she went to the doctor, suspecting she had had a stroke.


During the shampoo and rinse she’d gotten at the salon, her neck had hyper-extended. She had no support on the back of her neck, nor was the chair adjustable so that she could keep her neck from hyper-extending.

In the medical world, this is termed a beauty parlor stroke. It’s an incredibly rare thing, and because of that, not much is known about how it happens or why it happens. However, the stroke is caused when the artery in the neck is cut. Signs include limpness in one side of the body and the face, speaking as if drunken, and possible difficulty standing up.

This woman now works to make sure that people understand the possibilities and the dangers of the current washing procedures used in beauty salons. She suggests making sure that there is a towel or two around the customer’s neck, and making sure the seats are adjustable.