Serge Belamant Seeks To Protect The Patent For The Blockchain Technology, Which He Created

Everyone agrees that the next frontier in the world of financial transactions is blockchain technology. The technology is still in its nascent stages and can be compared to the internet in the early ’80s. One of the most popular products of the blockchain technology, bitcoin has become commonplace in financial transactions. All that is known about the cryptocurrency is the mystery man behind its invention. There is so much mystery which surrounds the entire technology that not many people realize that it was first conceived in the late ’80s. The man behind the invention of Block Chain technology, Serge Belamant, has come out to protect his IP and has filed patents for more than six of his block-chain related inventions.

Elsewhere, the growth and development in things that can be achieved using blockchain technology continue to increase. The newest of the inventions is the first block chain debit card. The UEPS debit card is used by more than 3 million people already and is expanding rapidly due to its ability to reduce banking and transaction costs. Data encryption is another feature making the debit card to grow in popularity. Customers are now in a position to make safe transactions, and without compromising their information. The card is compatible with the Europay Master card Visa and can be used as a debit card in all the stores and establishments where Europay is accepted.

It is projected that by 2023, more than 80 percent of the banking transactions will be somehow dependent on blockchain technology. It is an indication that the work which has been done by inventors like Serge Belamant is revolutionizing the manner in which payments are made. His move to patent his inventions comes at the perfect time because with time and increased popularity; the systems are going to become extremely hard to trace back to the origin.

About Serge Belamant

Serge Belamant attended the North High School for Boy’s, which is located in Tulle France. He learned how to speak and write English later in life. He attended the University of Witwatersrand and studied computer engineering, which has formed the backdrop for his programming life.

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Alex Hern About The Early Beginnings Of Tsunami XR And The Future Of VR

Alex Hern is the co-Chief Executive Officer of Tsunami XR, having been an entrepreneur for more than 25 years. The San Diego-based Tsunami XR was founded in 2011 and is a leader in content solutions and immersive software. The company is responsible for designing and delivering 3D, virtual and augmented reality solutions in order to improve workplace productivity, collaboration as well as knowledge transfer. The company’s portfolio of clients includes a number of top global companies within nearly every industry sector.

Alex Hern focused during his career on early stage companies as well as on the incubation technology companies. He co-founded and also served as a director of Inktomi Goldman Sachs-led IPO, which powered and was also the search technology for AOL, MSN, and Yahoo. Additionally, he co-founded Yesmail, an e-mail marketing and web directory company that went public and was acquired by CMGI for $650 million within 10 months. He is also responsible for co-founding Military Commercial Technologies, Arcsight, and

Tsunami XR was initially named Tsunami VR, Alex Hern noting that the name change came as a result of the fact that XR or cross-reality is what he wants to explore be a the forefront in the future. He believes that advancement in machine learning in general and AI are paving the way for things to come within the next decade. According to the co-CEO, the next big leap forward is cloud-computing for applications and graphic intensive software. The advantages of using the cloud for XR include money saving, by circumventing investments in upgrading devices. XR application will require more high engine speed than what is available currently, which is where cloud can help. Additionally, using cloud for VR can increase access to fast developing software and upgrades.

Alex Hern also talked about in recent interview about the early beginnings of Tsunami XR, noting that the company came about as he began considering the shift from CPU to GPU computing, and how it could revolutionize the spatial computing era. He notes that he has always focused on strong beginnings, and considers them to be crucial to the sustained success of a business.

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Neurocore: The Use Of Neurotherapy To Treat Depression

It is amazing how our brains work. Apart from being resilient as well as adaptable in nature, they also control our thoughts, emotions, perceptions and behaviors. As studies are going into understanding the organ more, there are many mental conditions such as depression which Neurocore Brain Performance Centers has endeavored to treat.

Clinical depression is the most severe kind of depression. According to National Institute of Mental Health, it affected about 10.3M Americans in 2016 alone. The cause has not been fully established. Brain chemistry, genetics as well as hormones can contribute to the condition.

Antidepressants and psychotherapy have been used and are still being used to treat depression. However, doctors as well as researchers have come up with Neurotherapy. Using EEG diagnosis, the treatment has been used for almost a decade. In 1936, Fredrick Lemere was the first person to link EEG to depression. After Fredrick Lemere compared EEG of healthy people to several psychiatric patients, he concluded that the ability to produce ‘good’ alpha waves can somehow be linked to the affective capacity of the person. Today, increased alpha activity has been considered the best indicators of depression.

Fredrick Lemere’s results have greatly been utilized by medical professionals and scientists at Neurocore to provide a Medication-Free Depression Treatment Program by the use of neurofeedback. Neurocore patients train their brains to overcome depression and its symptoms using neurofeedback. The treatment begins with a comprehensive assessment using qEEG technology, Achenbach System of Empirically Based Assessment (ASEBA) among other diagnostic techniques to produce a comprehensive report on the patient’s symptoms.

292 clients underwent Neurocore’s session program. 84% of the clients experienced a significant decrease in the symptoms of depression while 54% did not meet symptomatic thresholds for the condition.

About Neurocore Brain Performance Centers

Founded in 2004, Neurocore is a privately held company that specializes in autonomous nervous system diagnostics and regulation, heart rate variability training, qEEG biofeedback training, attention testing as well as neurofeedback. The centers are among the best as well as technologically advanced facilities in the United States.

Their goal is to improve the causes of the symptoms that bring about undesired behaviors in every client. They use EEG technology to measure the progress of their patients.

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Is Shervin Pishevar Trying To Hide Something?

Shervin Pishevar claims that he is exposing companies, but could he merely be hiding something?

Pishevar went on a 21-hour Twitter rant about many things money-related.

Because each of his topics had to do with money, many are calling it a “financial storm,” rather than simply a “tweet storm.”

No matter what kind of storm it is, it arose suddenly.

Before this, Shervin Pishevar has never been known for getting on social media to spew content for 21 hours straight.

Pishevar did take a break during his tweet storm, however, to enjoy dinner.

We all need to fuel our bodies if we want to continue endlessly sharing our thoughts, which is what Pishevar called his tweets: simply “thoughts.”

Why did these thoughts arise, however?

We could speculate that they arose due to Shervin Pishevar being in the media.

Pishevar currently has sexual assault cases against him.

These cases include rape.

If Pishevar is wanting the media to give him some space regarding these cases, it would be natural that he would try to put other topics in the spot light.

The question, however, is are any of the topics worthy of real debate?

Sure, Pishevar spoke about Bitcoin, and many people have money invested in Bitcoin or want to invest.

Pishevar also spoke about big businesses that are making it harder for small businesses to grow.

Pishevar is merely giving us thoughts, however. He is simply giving us his views, his opinions.

None of these opinions are capable of bringing about any real change because the world needs the companies that he mentioned.

His Bitcoin rant won’t scare people into neither selling nor buying Bitcoin because everyone has his own opinion and “thoughts” concerning the future of Bitcoin.

It appears that these rants are indeed random thoughts.

While many do indeed feel that Pishevar went on this rant just to keep the media away from what is happening in his personal life, no one knows another’s true intentions; we don’t know for sure why Shervin Pishevar went on this rant.

It is possible that he ranted simply because these are topics that hold his interest.

Jason Hope supporting anti-aging research work

Jason Hope is a philanthropist who uses his resources to support initiatives which touch on technological research. One of the things he has done is to support a very important cause that is seeking to find a solution to aging in human beings. There is a group called SENS Research Foundation that is researching this field with the aim of coming up with a drug that would slow down the rate of growth in human beings. The research group believes that if there can be a solution to aging, then we can eliminate some of the diseases that have affected a huge number of old people.

Some of the diseases that have been prevalent with the old people are cancer, Alzheimer’s diseases among others. One way of reducing these diseases is by making sure that our bodies are always strong. To make the body strong then we need a drug that can eliminate the substance that causes aging in the human body. The research that is being done by SENS could be a valuable way of eliminating the suffering that old people have been going through. Jason Hope believes this could be a great discovery that will see people have strong bodies even as they get old. A drug that can fight the aging causing substance is one that can be a good addition to the people.

SENS research group has been holding yearly meetings that have brought together the experts who are interested in coming up with drugs that will tackle old age problem. Experts usually discuss some of the solutions which can be applied to speed up the research work. SENS is creating a forum where experts can share ideas and come up with a drug that will work in saving humanity from effects of old age.

SENS Group has constructed laboratory and started a research program with $500,000 which was donated by Jason Hope. Jason Hope believes that biotechnology is a great technology which can be used to alleviate the problem that human beings are going through.

About Jason Hope

Jason Hope is tech lover and a futurist. All his career life, he has been interested in doing things which will have an impact on the lives of the people. Jason Hope has been commentating about technology for a long time now. He has been following the internet of things technology and has updated his readers at every step of the way. He recently wrote an eBook that explains the concept of the internet of things.

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Jason Hope donates big money to the research of atherosclerosis

Over the last 20 years, Jason Hope has emerged as one of the most talented entrepreneurs in the state of Arizona’s history. After founding a series of highly successful startups, including the first premium mobile content streaming provision service, Hope went on to found dozens of successful tech companies. These have included b2b software applications, search engine optimization services and a number of web design companies. Today, Hope is widely regarded as one of the most important entrepreneurs in history of Arizona.

But recently, Hope has taken a hiatus from his busy schedule, focusing instead on writing and blogging on the internet regarding coming technologies and the ways in which modern science can shape both daily lives and the ways that medicine can improve people’s quality of life and their lifespan. One of the areas in which Hope has always had an intense interest has been the area of the extension of natural human lifespan. Hope has long followed the medical journals, such as the Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine, to try to determine what the best way for researchers to concentrate on extending the average lifespan may be.

One of the areas that have shown the most promise, according to Hope, has been the area of molecular research into the various disease processes that make up the majority of geriatric illnesses. Hope has long hypothesized that if these diseases can be understood at a more nuanced level that it may be possible to one day drastically reduce or even completely eliminate most of the diseases and degradations associated with the aging process.

This formed of the impetus behind Hope’s gigantic donation to the SENS Foundation, one of the leading research organizations in the nation, which specializes in the aging process and molecular medicine. Hope recently donated half a million dollars to the SENS Foundation, in order to further their ability to research the molecular origins of atherosclerosis, one of the most deadly medical conditions in existence today. Atherosclerosis is responsible for up to half of all adult deaths in United States, being the responsible factor in almost all cases of heart attack, stroke and even some more obscure diseases, such as mesenteric is chemia and aortic dissection.

Hope believes that through understanding the molecular causes of atherosclerosis, it will one day be possible for geriatricians to understand, on a incredibly granular level, the vast majority of diseases that lead to the body’s slow decline during people’s senior years. Hope believes that this may someday lead to a genuine Fountain of Youth, being able to slowly quell the inevitable charge of senescence that ultimately culminates in everyone’s death.

It is through initiatives like these that Hope is making real contributions to the state of modern medicine.