Guilherme Paulus: From Humble Beginnings To Global Entrepreneurial Success

Co-founder of CVC Brasil Operadora Agencia de Viagens S.A. (known as CVC), entrepreneur Guilherme Paulus has become a global investor and Brazilian hotelier.

In a recent interview Paulus discusses his journey as a business owner, strategies, motivators, and his own business successes and failure. His candor and the story of how he and his partner, Carlos Vicente Cerchiari, were able to build huge success from humble beginnings.

While working in Caso Faro in Sao Paulo, Paulus took a boating trip that would change his life. He met Carlos Vicente Cerchiari, a former state deputy, who had a business concept that included opening a travel agency in Santo Andre and interested Paulus deeply. Despite the fact that Guilherme Paulus was young and had no liquid capital to invest in the business, the two men developed a business plan that delegated the groundwork and initial efforts while Cerchiari supplied the funding.

The business began as a travel agency that Paulus strategically set up in a high traffic location. He felt passionate about the business from the very beginning and always had a vision of expanding into multiple markets. Paulus and Cerchiari were partners for four years until Cerchiari branched out on his own.

In discussing strategies that helped to grow his business ventures, Guilherme Paulus cites the manner in which he helped encourage Brazilian travelers to transition from road travel to air travel. Paulus invested in chartering flights and his company, CVC, is considered the pioneer of domestic air travel within Brazil. Prior to this there was a strong international travel business, but until CVC promoted travel by air within the country it was not very common.

With a humble nature and clear candor Paulus discusses one of his business failings as an entrepreneur. In an attempt to capitalize on the agreement that Brazilian President Fernando Henrique Cardoso made with France to facilitate visas in the early 2000s, Guilherme Paulus opened a location in France. Unfortunately, the name CVC was not well known in France as a travel agency and were not very receptive to the Brazilians that Paulus hired to staff the agency, which in retrospect Paulus considers a mistake.

Guilherme Paulus has experienced great worldwide success in travel and as chairman and investor of GJP Hotel & Resorts. GJP employs over 5,000 individuals in 20 hotels and resorts in locations such as Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Salvador, Recife, and many more.

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