Healing Naturally with Hylands New Baby Products

From the time we are born to the time we leave this earth there is no question we will need to visit a doctor at some point in time. It is also no question that we will have to take some form of medication for one reason or another at some point in our lives. For those who prefer a more natural way of healing, Hylands may be just what the doctor ordered.


The Hylands brand has been around for centuries providing safe homeopathic remedies for people of all ages. Homeopathy is based on the idea that the body cures itself naturally. Those who live a homeopathic lifestyle tend to use only tiny amounts of natural substances such as plants. The growing need for homeopathic medicines is increasing as the health of people are becoming more and more a priority. It has minimal to no side effects. The medications are people specific making Hylands’ homeopathic products the best alternative for those aches and pains that come as we age from an infant to old age.


Their amazing results in successfully treating individuals and families like ours through homeopathic means is just one major reason why Hylands continues to prosper. Their focus on the needs of others also extends out into the community of less fortunate. Partnering with non-profit organizations, such as GOOD+ Foundation and others to get the medicine out to families in need is one of the ways they give back to communities.

After a recent recall on their popular product, Hyland’s Teething Tablets, the company recently came out with a new line of oral relief products for babies. Although Hyland’s Teething Tablets are no longer sold, Hyland’s Baby Oral Pain Relief is a new, all natural product to assist moms and babies everywhere.

Moms no longer have to fret over various aches and pains of their family. Unfamiliar ingredients in your medicine don’t have to cause you to question if you’re doing the right things for your loved ones. You don’t have to get much worse before getting better. Trust the Hyland brand and live at ease.


Jeremy Goldstein is a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC, which is an esteemed New York-based boutique law firm. Prior to founding his aforementioned partnership, Jeremy worked in one of NY’s largest law firms. As an active community man, he has been among the directors of Fountain House, a charitable organization that aids mentally ailing patients, since 2008.


Having over 15 years of experience in business law, Mr. Goldstein has taken part in integral roles during various corporate transactions. A major one was the acquisition of Goodrich by the United Technologies and Alltel Corporate by Verizon Wireless.


Jeremy Goldstein is an ardent writer and speaker on corporate governance and thus stands as an active member of an advisory board in a law journal in New York.


It is his unaltered dedication to his clients that pulls all corporates requiring legal advice on employee benefit to him. His poise as a well-versed attorney has also fetched Jeremy a wide range of clients, ranging from compensation committees to CEOs.


Over the years, many employers have opted to stop giving employees the benefit of stock options. This is mostly done to save money, but at other times, it’s due to more complex reasons like the drop of a company’s stocks and the need to avoid accounting burdens. Jeremy Goldstein, in a recent interview, explained that offering employees these options comes with abundant benefits.


The win-win benefit to a company and employees

Staff team requires little skills to understand the concept of stocks and can hence be preferred to equities which come with the threat of higher taxes. The options also relatively increase an employee’s wage. However, this only happens when a corporation’s share levels increases and as a result, workers aim at expanding the company’s financial profitability.


The ‘knockout’ barrier

A firm can gain benefits and still avoid extra expenses if it utilizes the right strategies. Under knockout options, employees immediately lose their shares if the value falls below a certain amount. To avoid problems of eliminating shares whenever this happens, Jeremy Goldstein advises employers to cancel the options when they stagnate at low prices for some time. Shareholders under knockout stocks have lesser worries since they don’t face the threats of overhang.


Though the knockout technique does not solve all option problems, it greatly helps in dealing with most. Learn more: https://www.visualcv.com/jeremygoldstein


Stock options have had problems which make them unattractive to many corporate organizations. They are no longer recommended as an effective way of workers compensation. It has negative effects on both the worker and the company. On the side of the worker, stock options are unreliable since they can lose their value at any time. We are living at a time when the global economic changes are happening unexpectedly. It is very easy to lose something that you thought you owned. To avoid such life surprises, workers are opting to stay away from them. It is better to settle for a higher salary than to settle for something which you cannot tell its future.


On the part of the company, stock options have been a nightmare at times. When they lose value and workers cannot execute them, the burden falls on the side of the employer to account for all the stock options. At times they have resulted in option overhang which is a scenario that affects the shareholders in a company. This is usually not good news for the company since it can tarnish the good name of the company. Many companies have already started offloading the stock options methods from the list of workers compensation that they offer.




Earnings per Share (EPS) is an incentives method that is also applied to by companies as a means of business payments. It is one of the most effective methods if it is implemented in the right way. According to lawyer Jeremy Goldstein, the challenge with this method is that some businesses do not have a management that can implement it successfully.


EPS can create business growth in a very simple way. If the earnings per share go up, the stock value will also good up. Investors will be attracted to the company. However, this method is liable to misuse by rogue business executives. It is simple to fake the stock value using the EPS method.


EPS can also cause favoritism in an organization. The management sets the metrics for performance and they can use this power to favor some employees. With EPS, CEOs and other senior executives are said to wield too much power.


About Jeremy Goldstein


prominent lawyer in New York called Jeremy Goldstein has given companies a leeway on an option they could apply, that will eradicate the problems that they face with the stock options. The alternative is called knockout stock options. This method will protect the company from a stock overhang.


Jeremey Goldstein is an experienced lawyer dealing with issues of corporate governance and workers compensation. Jeremy Goldstein has a reputation for guiding large corporation such as Verizon and AT&T in making corporate decisions by the advising the top management on the steps to take. Learn more: https://corpgov.law.harvard.edu/contributor/jeremy-goldstein

The Partnership between the Cancer Treatment Center of America with Allscript and Nanhealth

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America is located in Boca Raton Fla. It comprises five public hospitals that cover cancer treatment. The hospitals have an integrated approach that deals with various cancer treatment procedures such as surgery, radiation, immunotherapy, and chemotherapy. The treatment has been designed to assist the patient both physically and emotionally. This is by managing the side effects during and after the process thus enhancing their quality of life. The hospital also encourages its clients to participate actively in their Cancer treatment as well as providing them with the latest information about their treatment options. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America are a global hospital with its affiliates in other towns such as Chicago, Atlanta, Phoenix, among others.

About the Cancer Treatment Centers of America

According to WebMD, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America are there to serve adult cancer patients who are struggling with the situation globally. The treatment center has collaborated with Nanhealth and Allscript to come up with the first ever custom technical solution to enable a Nanhealth clinical decision support solutions called eviti. NantOS is a direct interface of the clinical operating system that holds a comprehensive collection of the ever evolving Cancer care data. It has been introduced by the Pathways program, and built to help the cancer treatment process without interrupting the clinical flow of the physician.

The Clinical Pathways also have in the process provided the necessary treatment options. For example, due to its presence, there has been no any form of guesswork by physicians that normally happened with the new data and ecology research. The treatment options are available to the patients for review from their customization points. From here, patients can choose the safest and efficient option that they so desire. The Pathways have reduced variability in health care thus improving its efficiency and can also expedite approval from insurance providers by efficiently providing the necessary treatment strategies.

For more information on CTCA follow them on Twitter

Philanthropist Dick DeVos’ Charity Towards Inner City Sports and Downtown Revitalization in Grand Rapids, Michigan

It’s pretty incredible how much Amway co-founder and philanthropist Dick DeVos has given to a wide array of causes over the years. When I think about the $1.2 billion he has given away in his lifetime, it’s hard to fathom how much money that actually is. In 2014 alone, he and his family donated $94 million to various causes, according to Forbes. The Dick and Betsy DeVos foundation has donated quite generously to a wide array of causes in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Glad to see the Grand Rapids area make another “best of” list! Thank you all for your role in making our city great.

Posted by Dick DeVos on Friday, March 11, 2016

DeVos’ Foundation is known primarily for serving causes such as school choice for local charter schools and the arts. However, one thing that Dick DeVos and his family are known for is a love of sports. Dick himself served as President and CEO of the NBA’s Orlando Magic from 1991-1993. His brother Dan is the majority owner of the American Hockey League team, the Grand Rapids Griffins. Among the DeVos’ many contributions is helping fund the sports program in Grand Rapids, MI. They did this through the non-profit called Believe 2 Become, along with Dick’s sister’s foundation. What I like most about that contribution was the purpose was so that students in the urban district wouldn’t have pay-to-play fees.

My favorite of his contributions in Grand Rapids was his grand plan to revitalize the Grand Rapids downtown area. It was called the Grand Action project. DeVos was able to gather over 50 civic and community leaders to create a feasible and economically productive plan. Once the plan was made, he worked with local bankers to make it happen. The sports arena would become the Van Andel Arena, where his brother Dan’s Griffins play. His plan also created a new convention center, renovation of the local theater, and a new art museum, among other things. Dick’s clear goals and organization skills made it happen, and I’m sure the people of Grand Rapids will be forever grateful.

With a net worth of $5 billion, it’s good to see that Dick DeVos is more than just a man who spends his money on his causes. He’s also willing and able to bring local leaders together for a good cause. I definitely respect what he did for the residents of Grand Rapids. He gave their children not only a better education with his dollars. His efforts gave a chance to prove themselves on the sports fields, something they may have otherwise not been able to afford.

Lime Crime CEO Doe Deere Bares It All

The truth is that some women are born with a certain style that defies traditional rules. They are able to create a style that is truly their own. It seems like these creative people see the world through different eyes. However, Doe Deere believes that every woman only needs the right tools to reveal her creative side. That creative tool is makeup. Doe Deere, Lime Crimes CEO, bares all her secrets in a revealing article that appeared recently online. She truly believes that the way to find a real style begins with veering off the traditional road, which might seem kind of scary to some women.

Doe Deere Bares It All
It didn’t take long for Doe Deere to reveal her personal truth to the world. The very successful Lime Crime executive owes her style to breaking traditional rules concerning fashion and makeup. Certainly, those that are familiar with the unicorn queen realize that Doe Deere is an inspiration to young women trying to find their own style. Deere believes in taking a look at the traditional rules. They are revealed in fashion magazines and even on the runways. This young woman believes that women are able to be equally stylish, even if they veer off the beaten path just a little bit. This non-traditional belief has guided Doe Deere to amazing success in the beauty industry and in life in general. Here is something to think about; it is fun to break traditional rules, according to Doe Deere. For example, one of her favorite rules to break is the one concerning dressing age appropriate. Doe Deere believes that if you can pull off the look, go for it. Her belief certainly hits home with a lot of women.

About Doe Deere
Doe Deere is the type of woman that is very honest and straight forward. This approach has led her to amazing success with her makeup line, Lime Crime. Doe Deere was not born with a silver spoon in her mouth. She was born in Russia and grew up in New York City. Doe Deere is not afraid of hard work. She worked hard to achieve her success. Doe Deere launched Lime Crime back in 2008 with a dream and a realization that her makeup line was something women had been searching for a very long time. Lime Crime was launched for the creative woman.

Doe Deere is also a firm believer in women entrepreneurs. She fully supports other women in business. Doe Deere is also excited about the new trend concerning shopping online. It appears that more and more women are shopping online for their beauty items and clothing. This has led to a great opportunity for smaller companies to compete with larger companies on an equal basis. The fact is that Lime Crime was one of the first pioneers in selling cosmetics online. The company proved that women were willing to purchase their cosmetics online.