US Money Reserve Gets New Face

Based in Austin, Texas, US Money Reserve’s values as a company is reflected in a new logo and a new face on the web. The company’s status as a leader is reflected in the new look and feel of the site. It features photographs of the available coins and bars of gold, silver, and other precious metals. Along with the photos of the coins, you will also find some photographs of the company’s leader, someone who knows the value of coins and who has been around for a while in the business of precious metals. He is none other than the former US Mint Director, Philip N. Diehl. As he President of U.S. Money Reserve, Mr. Diehl knows the importance of educating the public at large and the precious metal investor specifically when it comes to the value of precious metals and coins.

There new online store is secure in transactions, and it features exclusive products for the investor.

If it’s gold bullion you’re interested in, you will find that at competitive prices and with customer service with one-on-one advice and consultations.

The web site has a section carrying the latest news on bullion and coins, and is updated continuously. There is information available for the user if there are any questions about the minting and grading of coins, or the production of bullion bars. How to purchase and what to purchase as an investment are always questions that consumer and investors have. The precious metals market is always changing, and updates are available on the site.

If you need personal assistance, it’s available on the site. And, U. S. Money Reserve has a return policy sure to interest novice buyers and professional investors alike. They have a 30-day buy back guarantee, a refund at current market value on coin orders.

Shipping is no problem at U. S. Money Reserve. As one of the nation’s premier bullion and precious metal distributors, U. S. Money Reserve uses one of the fastest shipping methods in the industry.

  1. S. Money Reserve is not an overnight or fly -by-night operation. They have been satisfying customers and investors since 2001. With hundreds of thousands of clients throughout the nation, they have become one of the largest private distributors of U. S. gold and silver coins.

They hire professional coin collectors and dealers to verify the value and quality of coins purchased, and they keep on top of the daily changing, volatile market.

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