Whitney Wolfe Making A Difference

Whitney Wolfe is the woman behind Bumble. This dating app is changing society’s thoughts on dating in its own very way by giving women the power that they deserve through the online dating industry. In a world where women are always the one having to follow along, bumble let’s women decide who they want to associate with and speak to. Whitney Wolfe is great because of all the things she is doing because of having such a huge platform now that Bumble is practically worth $1 billion, has 33 million registered users, and people using the app in more than 144 countries.

Whitney Wolfe has created change from within her app already doing two things; fighting gun violence and empowering women. To start off, Bumble is here to help stop the world of gun empowerment and romanticizing guns. There are people who upload photos with weapons, guns, or bombs to make themselves appear sexier or a specific type of way. It is not only wrong to romanticize such photos, but it also gives the app a bad reputation. This is why photos being uploaded are now on full lock down. They are slowly trying to bring down any photos that have any such items in their profiles.

What’s interesting about Whitney Wolfe is her strong feminist attitude towards this app. Knowing that she herself has dealt with difficult issues regarding her business life as a woman and being mistreated, she wanted to build Bumble to stop allowing men to be so misogynistic. This app is meant to help empower women and stop men from being gross and rude online. Whitney Wolfe is here to prove that women are strong and capable of handling themselves. This app is here to give women that voice to choose their opinions and make wise choices.

Bumble is an app made for dating, but there is no stopping Wolfe on coming up with ways to help people connect. Bumble Bizz was made recently to give women and men a place to make friends online using the same swiping actions. However, this time you are swiping to make friends and not date, but who knows where friendship can lead. There is also a new version that allows for business minded people to find employees, business partners, and simply network in the area. Nothing beats meeting like-minded business people than on Bumble Bizz where it’s even easier to swipe and meet others.

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